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Artist: Olle Olls, Sweden Artist unknown Artist unknown
Artist: Lucy Casson, UK Artist: Diane Komater, USA Alexandra Moses, USA
Artist: Thomas Hill, UK Artist: Florian Ladstaetter, Austria Artist: Mark Rooker, USA
Artist: Olle Olls, Sweden
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Artist: Olle Olls, Sweden
Raised copper bowl with gold interior, designed by Olle Olls, Sweden.
Antique Japanese stone statuette, artist unknown.
Raised copper vessel made in Santa Clara del Cobre, Mexico. Artist unknown.
Three dimensional cartoon made from recycled metal by Lucy Casson, UK.
Wire picture of "Eve" made by Diane Komater, USA.
Fabric bottles hanging out. Artist: Alexandra Moses, USA.
Wire and bone fish sculpture by Tom Hill, USA.
Ring sculpture by Florian Ladstaetter, Austria.
Robot holding wrench, sculpture by Mark Rooker, USA.

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