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Artist: Brooke Battles, USA Artist: Unknown Artist: Burgel/Horn Editions, USA
Artist: Dorothy Hogg, Scotland Artist: Brooke Battles Artist: Heidi Nahser, USA
Artist: Ford & Forlano, USA Artist: Eric Zammitt, USA Artist: Joanna Gollberg, USA
Artist: Brooke Battles, USA
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Artist: Brooke Battles, USA
Brooch designed by Brook Battles, USA.
Spratling inspired stirling silver bracelet made in Mexico and imported by HiHo Silver ( in San Francisco.
Sterling silver rings designed by Klaus Burgel, USA.
Brooch designed by Dorthy Hogg, Scotland.
Bracelet by Brooke Battles, USA.
Three stone gold ring designed by Heidi Nahser, USA.
Necklace designed by Ford & Folano, USA.
Lucite bracelets designed by Eric Zammitt, USA.
Sterling silver and gemstone earring made by Joanna Gollberg, USA.

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